Windsor Marble Coffee Table


A living room with this stylish real marble coffee table will add a lavish look to your mornings. Brew up, ’cause this marble coffee table will give you the greatest morning you’ve had in years.

The Windsor Marble Coffee Table is perfect for those who crave style and glamour. Its rich marble top is supported by a polished chrome curved base. With this coffee table, you can be assured that your living room exude luxury and elegance. Its real marble top providing shine and extravagance to your home.

Our Windsor Marble Range is a modern and extravagant range that is sure to bring an expensive feel to a home. Our range features real marble on top of a silver base that radiates a flawless shine.

Length: 120cm
Height: 60cm
Depth: 45cm

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Additional information

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 45 cm


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