Royal Flush Kinetic Wall Art


Why pay for just one picture, when if you play your cards right, you can have three? This Royal Flush Kinetic Wall Art is a truly magical piece of modern wall art that is sure to catch the eye of passers by. This kinetic wall art picture is absolutely fabulous when viewed with the naked eye as the image on display changes depending on your viewing angle, three pictures in one! King, Queen, and Ace, you can see the top three playing cards depending on which way you look at this picture.

Coming with a Gold style beveled frame to match it’s royal theme; this triple card trick picture will look equally good in your lounge, dining room or bedroom. It will intrigue your family, friends and anyone else who sees it. It’s sure to get noticed.

Height : 118cm
Width :83cm
Depth : 4cm

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Additional information

Dimensions 4 × 83 × 118 cm


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